SS Allach porcelain

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Item: SS Allach Porcelain Figure Lying Dachshund #1 (Kärner)

The Allach porcelain plant was first established by Himmler in 1935. The factory was situated in the small town of Allach, not too far from Munich. In 1936, the factory was headed by SS Obersturmbannführer Professor Diebitsch. It was Diebitsch’s job to deal with all artistic and architectural questions that interested the Reischführer. Some of the most famous potters from German porcelain galleries were hired to work at Allach. They included Professor D. S. Fichter, Professor T. H. Karner and also Ottmar Obermeier.

Condition: The Porcelain is tested with UV light there are no Cracks or chips the porcelain is in very good condition
the bottom has the green Allach hallmark within the octagon marking within the porcelain.

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