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A new dealer is now using our platform: Ostland Militaria! Visit their website at:

Address: 980987 Sibiro g. 7-3 LT-11347 Vilnius, Lithuania


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We have implemented two improvements on our platform! Sellers can now tick the 'reserved' and 'sold' status for their ads. Additionally, we've added functionality allowing users to click through to view all ads from a specific user. We hope these updates enhance your experience on our platform!


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A new dealer is now using our platform: KG Collection! Visit their website at:

Address: KG Collection Schrieksebaan 157 3120 Tremelo Belgium


With pleasure, we announce our collaboration with 'Army at Home', a militaria dealer specialized in post-war items! Visit their webshop at:

Address: Army at Home Kazernestraat 3 8930 Menen


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